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Injury Investigation
Injury investigation identifies the causal factors, determines work related compensability, keeps the claim on track and you in control, to minimize future exposure.

Past Claim File Review
Those claims that never seem to close?  We can assist with reviewing those claims and determining a corrective course of action for expedient claim closure. 

Early Return to Work Programs
Early intervention and Return to Work programs minimize unclear physical restrictions and unproductive light-duty work, which prevents loss of company revenue through higher insurance premium and productivity loss. 

Fraudulent Claim Intervention
Fraudulent claims cost employers thousands of dollars in premium. We provide resources to eliminate these claims and investigate. 

EMOD Review & Mediation
We will review your loss history for any errors that negatively impact your rating.  We ensure your class coding is correct and then work with you to reduce your injury rates...which will lower your EMOD...and your premium. ​

Claims Review and Loss Analysis
We review and monitor the claims on a continual basis for appropriate provider care, changes in status or Return to Work options.  Keeping these costs to a minimum reduces your exposure to surprise increases in your premiums. 

From injury prevention and management to claim review and insurance oversight, Employers Resource Associates offers a unique spectrum of services to keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket, instead of in the insurance carriers.


We strive for zero losses. However, if an injury does occur, Employers Resource Associates, LLC analyzes the cause and offers immediate changes or solutions preventing recurrence of injury or loss, reducing related costs.

We also assist with management of the claim by providing information and documentation to all pertinent parties.  This interactive communication between the worker, physicians, medical specialists and insurance, keeps the claim on track and minimizes the time a worker remains off work and compensable.

Our experience and innovative techniques enable us to serve the diverse needs of the worker and the employer.