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As employers struggle year after year to prevent and control work related injuries and rising workers compensation premium bills, only one group stands behind them to assist in regaining control... 


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Workers' compensation has reached a crisis point in the United States and is often mentioned as the number one business issue in many states. Job related injuries and sickness currently costs employers well over 70 billion dollars a year in the U.S. alone, not to mention lost productivity, regulatory penalties and soaring insurance costs. 


Because of these concerns, it has become essential for employers to seek cost containment solutions. Solutions to combat the rising cost of Workers Compensation including:


Safety & Health Programs

Onsite or Job Specific Training 

Worksite Inspections & Risk Analysis 

Claims & Injury Management


As your partner, Employers Resource Associates can put you in control of workers’ compensation and maximize productivity for both you and your employees. 


Our vast experience and proven programs now equips you, the employer, with a powerful arsenal of tools to combat the ongoing problems of the rising costs related to workers compensation and compliance.


At Employers Resource Associates, our design and implementation of cost containment programs achieve true, measurable results because we go beyond the surface to eliminate the real cause and give you solutions.